Spirit of the Symposium


In the MSB Symposium Series it is intended to have a forum for the discussion of fundamental and application-driven aspects of microscale separations and bioanalysis at an international venue that assembles the thought-leaders and emerging scientists from both the academic and industrial communities. Towards that end, the MSB 2020 Organizing Committee has embraced the following guidance of the Society for Microscale Bioseparations and Analysis -SMSB (see also "Philosophy"): 

  • Session topics dealing with new, hot, actual and/or controversial developments in microscale separations and bioanalysis matching the MSB Series Strategic Intend.
  • Oral presentations that are time wise split in 2/3 talk and 1/3 for discussion.
  • Highly engaged session chairs who will be actively involved in arranging the session, will have speaking time to introduce the session topic and the keynote speaker, and moderate and orchestrate the discussion.

At MSB 2020 following type of presentations are offered:

  1. Plenary lectures (by invitation)
  2. Keynote lectures (by invitation)
  3. Contributed oral presentations (selected in a double-blind review process from submitted abstracts)
  4. Poster pitches / 3-min talks (selected from poster presentations)
  5. Poster presentations (selected in a double-blind process from submitted abstracts)
  6. Science cafés (presentations by selected sponsors)

The main motto regarding the MSB Symposium Series is: "Anyone submitting a scientifically strong abstract may be accepted for oral presentation at an MSB symposium".